“Heading into my Sonoma Christmas”

by Kusum Irene Jain
LOVE sign at night in Sonoma Plaza Park
LOVE sign at night in Sonoma Plaza Park, 12/18

Title: From the BIG WORDS series: LOVE
*Sculpture: 6 foot welded steel with red enamel patina and stamped with flying birds. It is lit from within with color changing LED lights.
Year created: 2015.
It was on display in the Sonoma Plaza Park in December 2018.
Sculptor: Laura Kimpton and collaborator Jeff Schomberg
Photo Credit: Kusum Irene Jain

General Vallejo’s in the park, I swear!
Eight acres, sixty types of trees, where?
In our historic Sonoma plaza, so fair!
A quarter million lights shining bright
makes for a wonderful holiday sight.
Look just past the palm tree so tall,
see jolly Santa Claus, Rudolph and all
the reindeer twinkling in skies above.
Come one, come all, come visit LOVE*.

The smoke’s gone: See a different glow?
Although we made no angels in the snow,
Angels, hope and love all dance in the air.
Come one, come all, come to the square.

Come, celebrate nativity so sweetly found
in humble manger, good tidings abound,
wisdom, frankincense, myrrh and gold;
seek that star bright, to have and to hold.
Bethlehem, mother and child extraordinaire,
come, come touch the rejoicing in the air.

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