Judith Vaughn

Judith Vaughn

Judith Vaughn lives in Sonoma, California with her husband Tim and their dog Ledger. She attended New York City College, John F. Kennedy University, and Dominican University with a focus in Psychology. She has written poetry since her childhood. She loves words and putting them together to make sense of the world. She has traveled to many countries and enjoys meeting people of all nationalities and backgrounds.

She has been published in First Literary Review-East, an online literary publication, and in Oak Leaf News, a student publication at Santa Rosa Junior College, in Santa Rosa, CA.

She is also a photographer and publishes her images on 500px.com, an international photo site. Here’s her photo webpage.

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Strange Fruit / Billie Holiday
*Shelly’s Manne-Hole, 1967 or Thereabouts
Black Walnut

Click above to hear several of Judith Vaughn’s poems read on James Osborne’s show Sonic Discoveries – Jazz and Poetry on KSVY.org 

March poem, First Literary Review
May poem, First Literary Review

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