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Joseph Cutler’s first poetry was published in the anthology We Are Not Just Daffodils, in 1975.  Since then he has taken a bus from Amsterdam to Bombay, co-authored a non-fiction book- Scapegoats at Work, honeymooned in the Serengeti, worked for four decades as a therapist, and raised two children and several chickens. He is currently a beekeeper, camper and hiker, and writer of poetry expressing his desire to be as present to life as he can be.

Over the years he has presented his work at The Center of the Universe Cafe, on KSVY-FM’s Sonic Discovery radio show, and at Random Acts performances at Readers Books in Sonoma. He has had poetry periodically published in the Sonoma Valley Sun. Joseph lives in Sonoma Valley with his family and two beehives.

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An Apple a Day
Night Garden
History Interrupted