“Hobo’s Rhyme”

by Leo McCloskey

Sweet May’s gone when the jobless croon,
the praises of another foggy June.

Everyman was flummoxed by given life.
Flummoxed, given a broad-shouldered wife. 

Over rose garden wall he went,
finger prick and fall, now delinquent.

This Everyman who comes into the wet road,
Oh yeah! To sleep under the bridge with a toad.

Everyman is out to get what he can,
Out of California, at least with the Tan.

Under the Hollywood sign, he may sleep,
Over the sublime Golden Gate, he may leap.

Everyman’s a Masterpiece, Untitled,
So, give him some respect, unbridled.

Everyman in the streets needs sympathy,
Everyman is named after queens and kings.

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