by Steve Trenam

Those for whom gravity
is greater than desire,
have wings too frail to keep
their incendiary bodies
above the flames.

A lantern burns brightly
on a grassy knoll
until it runs out of oil,
leaving the moths unfulfilled.

Unable to resist his own generosity,
a moonlighting library tech
hand-delivers a newspaper
and gets run over by his car.

A teenage boy has
a Blue Moon Mambo
with a Black Lagoon woman
of a certain age,
who leaves his ashes behind.

Ignite your most fervent desire
and rise above the earthbound.
Achieve your own personal zenith.
If gravity pulls you into flames,
what a lovely way to burn.

An Affront to Gravity, will be published in October, 2020 by Blue Light Press.

“In this remarkable collection, Trenam is able to transform empty and blank spaces into places of worship…the reader will want to return to these pages again and again, meeting different versions of themselves”—Megan Merchant

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