Jeffrey S. Bartfeld

For Jeffrey S. Bartfeld photography and poetry are lights that illuminate the natural world he loves.  They are the tools with which he uncovers its mysteries, ponders them as they sink inside him.  They lure him to nature’s trails, to its meadows and hills, its lakes and streams, in the soft mist of morning and the delicate hues of dawn and dusk.  

For almost 50 years Jeffrey has taken photographs and written poetry.  In  his most recent work, A Poet’s Portrait Of Point Reyes, a work of nearly 10 years, he captures the light and form of a unique milieu, then explores its essence using words as his shovel to turn its soil.  

Jeffrey Bartfeld with camera

Jeffrey S.  Bartfeld

This combination of photography, with its ability for expression and self-expression, its ability to permit an artist a direct connection with his subject, with poetry, conveying the ongoing and everlasting conversation between subject and artist, opens to the reader an opportunity to sense a subject deeply.

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Foggy Evening at Drakes Beach
“I Want To Stand Among The Wild Fennel”
A Poet’s Portrait of Point Reyes

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